10 years without posting in Blogger

1:37 AM

I haven't updated my old blog in Blogger for more than 10 years, so, now it is not avaible anymore.
That was a time where social networks were only conceptual drafts (Orkut was babbling in Brazil).

I loved to take pictures and post them to share them with my friends. Flickr was a good ally; however, Yahoo acquisition and its corresponding policy changes, I decided to abandon my account (with more than 37000 tagged photos).
Blogger helped me to share our adventures and trips in a more friendly way than Flickr interface offered one decade ago.

Computer evolution has been meteoric.
Now, a year and a half after my thesis' confinement, I have rested, explored new computer graphics fields. I think I have a different perspective. It seems a good time to return and wander to rediscover Blogger new possibilities.

[post in Spanish]

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