Vulkan 1.0, Live Long And Prosper !

8:33 AM

Vulkan 1.0 specification has just been released (three hours ago).
It has been a long wait, but it looks it deserve. Specially when OpenGL driver execution is your main bottleneck.
Most of official documention from Khronos Group is available in Github (docs, samples)

Intel, nVIDIA, AMD, Imagination (PowerVR), Qualcomm and others have released tons of content: articles, samples, demos and... new Vulkan drivers!.

Here you can find a list with all the graphic cards that have passed conformance tests. At first sight,  nVIDIA GeForce graphic cards higher than 640(M / GTX) accomplish all the requisites; so, all gamers with a three-years-old (or newer) card can be happy :-)

nVIDIA has been specially active in Vulkan divulgation and promotion. :-)

A brief list of programming resources:

I think this image from Robert Menzel is really illustrative about Vulkan API:

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