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The previous week I got surprised by the "new" version of the Handbook for Patent Applicants in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office website. Probably, I has been published long ago, but I read an old version as the only "one".

This book is clear and concise. 
I really enjoyed the 9th section: "How to write a patent application", with a detailed description of each part of the patent, and its preferred format.

However, I also got dissapointed with the proposed Word template for Spanish patents, that can be accesed throught a pair of links in the handbook. 

From the point of view of the sections to be filled, the example is immaculate and it shows small excerpts indicating what should fit in each section. It, even, includes some "unwritten rules", such as using Arial 11 everywhere.
But, from the point of view of the use of Word, it is a disaster.

Word styles are not used to differentiate titles and text  (in fact, if you write in the spots between titles, the font size changes to 12 points because Normal style is set as this).
Drawings section has line numbers activated, so a patent application, which were based in this template, would be inmediately mark as an invalid patent draft.
There are more signs of absentmindedness in this template, for example, author and company fields are already filled:

  • Organization: PONS PATENTES Y MARCAS
It looks like this template has been adapted from the original document of this patent. Paradogically, real authors are Miguel Cle Nogueras e Inaqui Goya Arcelus.

In OEMP website there is also a template for utility models that has exactly the same flaws. It can be easily located by searching in google for the title of that patent.

In the next post I'll release an alternative Spanish patent template for Word and LibreOffice.

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