Word template for writing patent applications (OEPM)

11:05 AM

As I promised, here you are the Word template for writing patent applications in Spanish.
The new format follows Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) criteria.
It improves some aspects of the original template which is offered on the OEPM website, such as:

  • Style of titles and text is according to the example format
  • Document is organized in sections. They correspond to the ones that must be presented in different pages
  • Figure section does not have line numbers in the margin
  • Text has a uniform color
  • Title and company fields are empty, as it should be expeted for a document that will be used to claim industrial property rights
  • Author field is actualized by saving the changes in the file.

The new Word template can be downloaded from my account on github
I invite you to fork and improve it.

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