Less is more in a LinkedIn profile?

10:21 AM

Some months ago, I was completely astonished when I visit Quini's LinkedIn profile.
One of the most complete resumes I've ever seen.

These last weeks, I have been filling in mine. But, I'm not sure how many details should "populate" a LinkedIn profile, without overcrowding it. Obviously, it should not become another academic CVN 'web-based version' of 30-40 pages.

I'm already looking for a trade-off.

The sake of completeness bores and confuses any possible visitor. In fact, too much details make people not to see the wood for the trees.
For example, I have not included my 16 teaching books, in order to emphasize  peer-reviewed publications.

However, cutting down too many 'branches' could deemed some interesting aspects of my professional career.

Well, I suposse it is an iterative process.  :-)

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