How long does it take light to get out from the inside of the Sun?

12:10 PM

Summer is comming... We are said that light takes a bit more than 8 minutes to travel from Sun surface to Earth, that is a increbible distance.

I always get amazed when thinking about how long new born photon takes to leave the Sun. Sun radious is "only" 696.300 km, less than 214 times smaller than the distance between Earth and our star. But the interior of the sun is a seathing plasma with a huge density of hydrogen, and free electrons. Photons are continuously being briefly absorbed and released by atoms in the Sun, and they scatter it in a new random direction until they escape from it.
Stars' core are like an almost infinite laberinth for photons

Physical models take into account lots of variables like the number of protons, their separation, the distance traveled, the different density of each of the areas of the star... Most of them predicts that they need about 170 000 years photons to reach the surface. At that time they are 'free' to travel through space and impacting the atmosphere and finally on our retinas after reflected on objects.

So, our sun glasses and beach umbrellas are protecting us from light rays that emerged of the sun more or less at the time when early humans began to wear clothes. That is, "a couple of great glaciations eras" into human story scale.

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